Use the dvd player to play dvd on the tv, with sound and volume control via the sound bar. 

1. Turn on each device
2. Insert media into DVD
3. Use TV to source select the DVD
4. Sound will play from sound bar for best audio experience

Sound bar can also be paired with local bluetooth device, see manual.

RCA receiver will play to wall mounted speakers and to speakers on deck and near fire pit, use speaker selector switch (at cabinet bottom) and RCA receiver to accomplish this.

See manuals for each attached here!Arlk9G-MMav9jvAoe8JIcUrG7o02Rw

Manual for TV:

Manual for Sound Bar:

Manual for DVD player:!Arlk9G-MMav9jPRc-ZO3OZNcC0RhUw

Manual for RCA receiver:

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